Custom videos are a great way to get noticed and stand out from the competition.  The ability to engage, attract and bring visitors back to your website is of the utmost importance for the success of your company.  We’ve listed our top 5 benefits of adding custom video to your website and marketing strategies.



Increase Your Reach

By allowing visitors to share your video to their social media, you create opportunity for your video to go viral.  The same goes for sharing your video via your own social media networks.  Since Google loves YouTube videos remember to post your custom video to your YouTube channel so you have an additional place to promote and get promoted.


Quickly Deliver Your Message

Many people digest the information they see and hear faster than information they read therefore, a custom video is a great way to get your message across in a format visitors will quickly and easily digest.  Video shouldn’t completely replace written content, but it is a great complement to your content and will strengthen your message overall.


Engage Website Visitors

As a rule of thumb, people remember and learn information better if they are actively engaged. Custom video offers a unique advantage over other forms of content because it shows and not just tells visitors about your product, company or service.  They are a great way to bring visitors to your website through improved search engine rankings, and get them to spend more time on your website. This mean they are spending more time exposed to your value proposition, calls to action, etc.


Give Your Company A Personality

Name a better way to accurately present your company personality and culture than through a custom video of your team in action. You can claim to be that company that is dedicated to its customers and solving their problems until the sun comes up, but why not use a video to drive that message home?


Strengthen The Bond With Your Visitors

People love to buy from people they know, or at least that they feel like they know. So, why not introduce visitors to your team through custom video?  Whether the video are employee profiles, product demonstrations or a live delivery of your company mission statement and values, video is a great way to get visitors closer to you and your company.